Simple Changes — Big Results
Simple Changes — Big Results
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Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda
Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda
Nellie's All Natural

Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda

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Do you suffer from allergies, asthma or worry about what toxins you and your family are being exposed to even in your laundry soap?

***Now available as refill. Just bring/send us your tin and we'll fill it for you...plastic-free, package-free, zero waste and you save money!

Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda is highly-concentrated but doesn't contain any of the usual dyes, fragrances or chemicals used in ordinary detergents. Nellie's is hypoallergenic, made from a trusted formula using simple, gentle ingredients that clean all the way to the fiber, rinse thoroughly and leaves no residue.

You only need one scoop per load and it dissolves quickly in hot or cold water. Available in 100 Load Refillable Tin or 50 Load Pouch (closing out).


  • Concentrated - 1 tablespoon per large wash load
  • Safe for front-loading HE and standard washing machines
  • Hypoallergenic - great for children, allergies and sensitive skin
  • Rinses thoroughly and leaves no residue
  • Cleans to the fiber
  • Dissolves quickly in hot or cold water


HOW TO USE: Use one scoop for each regular sized load. Wash according to instructions on garments. Always test on garments that may bleed or fade.


FREE FROM: SLS, SLES, gluten, phosphates, fragrance and chlorine.

INGREDIENTS: sodium carbonate, linear alcohol ethoxylate, sodium chloride, sodium metasilicate


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