Soap Berry Laundry & Cleaning Powder
Soap Berry Laundry & Cleaning Powder
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Soap Berry Laundry & Cleaning Powder

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An all purpose cleaning powder...for those who love Soap Berries and prefer the option of a powder. Made from 100% pure, certified organic Soap Berries ground for general cleaning and laundry use. 

May be used as-is or mixed with water to form a paste. Sprinkle onto cleaning brush for dishes, sinks, toilets and tubs. Safe enough to be used as shampoo or soap. 

To use as laundry soap: Add 1T to a muslin bag and wash clothes as usual for approximately 20+ loads per 8oz tin. 


Warning: Avoid contact with eyes and inhalation, fine powder can be irritating to nose, throat and eyes. 

Soap Berries or Soap Nuts are the ideal way to wash clothes economically and chemically-free. Clean, green, earth-friendly and hypoallergenic and available as Soap Berries or Liquid Soap and don't forget your Stain Stick